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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Simple Tips To Increase Self Confidence

Many of us, say that we are not as lucky as others and always blame ourself without us knowing we build a mental block inside our mind. That is one reason why we can not go better than a previous state. and not alert to the opportunities that exist. The point is that confidence is an attitude that we can change to train yourself and want to open, because a confident attitude is not a destiny. How do I change it? Here are some tips on how to increase self confidence:
  1. Do not see the other person is too high and otherwise do not see ourself as too low. Self-confidence begins with the assumption that we are not as lucky as others and always blame yourself.
    Tip: do not thinking like that even if you can get rid of thoughts that compare ourselves with others.
  2. Many physical activities and keep your mind busy thinking about other positive things that we like and try focus to do that. not feel confidence come up because our mind are always assured us that we are low with all less we have. Tip: watch TV, listen radio, and hanging out with friends discussing what was important to insight our thinking.
  3. Socialize. not feel confidence that come up because we always compare the present of others is true? If we always pull yourself  from the comunity for reasons of not feel confidence, it is difficult for us to distinguish between confident and not confident. Tips powerful way to increase our confidence is hanging out with anybody we think more than us. With the environmental friendly we will be able to get more benefit,and other addition we know their strengths and weaknesses we too will be infected from their positive spirit. 
  4. Not feel confidence also come up because we are afraid of doing things that will be laughed at people. If this is what makes us feel confident and look for ways to overcome this, the tips of his practice to familiarize with that because everyone is not perfect there is not! breave to try  if we obtain great benefits.
 lots of tips to increase self-confidence that we can find from various sources, but the important point is to learn to respect the will of yourself. We must first make peace with our mind and our will, to want to open to receive the advice that we have read. When will and our needed are so eager, so actually we already know that solution without having to read a lot of references. the answer is already long existed in our minds, it's just that we still feel at home will maintain that it is not clear in other words 'lazy'.