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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Self Confident or Arrogant

In everyday life, we find many people who are very confident and arrogant people. People who confidence are usually easy to sociable with others. While people are usually arrogant lazy approachable by anyone. The reason many people are confused is where the actual position. Confidence or Arrogant ? Here's the difference between arrogant and confident person:

1. Arrogant people consider themselves higher than others. Meanwhile, people confidently believe that he is unique and different talents as a given to everyone.
2. People arrogant as always know what's best for others. Meanwhile, people confidence believe themselves always open about his opinions on others.
3. People usually sharp arrogant toward people who he sees as a rival. Confident people are born with the ability to compete.
4. Difficult and even arrogant people never admit their mistakes. Confident people are not afraid to admit that they made a mistake.
5. Proud people usually like it when other people make mistakes while they were a confident likes to help people cope with the mistakes they make.
6. Proud people are usually very concerned with the opinions of others against him. While people believe in themselves are not too concerned with other people's opinions against him.
7. People usually like to boast of his proud, while those who believe in themselves tend to be quiet.

and then how do I become confident without changing being arrogance?
Concerned about the appearance.
Improve your appearance without the intention that others would later praise you for it. Do it because you know that you have to spend the best side of yourself.

Give a Sincere Smile.
try to smile to everyone as an expression of your deepest heart, not smile to make people impression to you. Sincere smile is a symbol of confidence and the code to others that you are good people who can become good friends as well. 

Attention Other People.
Start from now, give your time to ask the friends or people around you what they heard and involve themselves in them, and do it with sincere as well. Show that you see them as the people you appreciate, whoever and whatever their position.

Do Not Up to date. 
to the people are confident, you need to continue to inform yourself about what's going on around you up to date. How, follow the news in newspapers and on television. It helps your confidence when you engage a conversation with anyone. Do not be like many know!

Expand Sociable.
Don’t satisfied in a small neighborhood yours now. As much as possible expand the association. Do not be picky friends from all walks of life. Seeing the world from any perspective can help you to be confident without being arrogant. Because you know that above the sky was still there the sky and you also know that in this world there are still many people living in difficulties.

Grateful For Your Presence.
This importance key to the people who is confidence. Many people are not confident of seeing the weakness itself. And many people who become arrogant because they feel what they've got more than anyone else. themain core is grateful to realize that all of that comes from God . God can take it anytime he wanted. cause of that no need arrogant and nothing can't be grateful.with your uniqueness, you can be yourself and be trying to give the best.

Change Your Mindset.
With all that knowledge, began to change your mindset to the world. If your mindset is formed, it will be reflected to your gestures, your words and your behavior.