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Monday, April 4, 2011

Changing Habits to Improve your Personal Life

Habits, oh those nasty habits. Habits are developed from training, influences, observation, and practice. We develop many habits throughout our life, which some are good and others are bad. Good habits we can keep, but if one wants to improve their life the bad habits has to take a hike. Getting rid of bad habits however is not easy, especially if an addiction is involved. For this reason, we can take a few steps to learning how you can change your habits.

Spiritual Growth: the Spiritual Challenge of Modern Times

To grow spiritually in a world defined by power, money, and influence is a Herculean task. Modern conveniences such as electronic equipments, gadgets, and tools as well as entertainment through television, magazines, and the web have predisposed us to confine our attention mostly to physical needs and wants. As a result, our concepts of self-worth and self-meaning are muddled. How can we strike a balance between the material and spiritual aspects of our lives?


Everything that happens to us happens in purpose. And sometimes, one thing leads to another. Instead of locking yourself up in your cage of fears and crying over past heartaches, embarrassment and failures, treat them as your teachers and they will become your tools in both self improvement and success.


Sometimes, when all our hesitance, fears and insecurities wrap ourselves up, we always come up with the idea of “I wish I was somebody else.” More often than not, we think and believe that someone or other people, most people are better than us.- when in reality, the fact is, most people are more afraid than us.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Self-hypnosis towards self improvement

self hypnosis is a great tool for goals setting and self improvement. most people are surprised at how easy it is to learn self-hypnosis.and self-hypnosis, in practice, make a lot of things become more easy.Self hypnosis is usually seen as people who listen to audio recordings , mp3, or other media-production, which is intended to encourage the willingness to absorb suggestions centered around a specific topic such as weight loss, eliminating stress, stop smoking, etc. Unfortunately, type of hypnosis is generally prepared by someone who has never met the person being hypnotized, often presenting something that is not in accordance with the wishes. For example, if you sunburn easily, that last thing you want to hear about is a slow walk on a sunny beach. in this case, "self" in self hypnosis simply means that you listen to it by yourself.