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Monday, March 28, 2011

6 Tips Perform Confident

STANDING UPRIGHT, the first step you can do is to change the visua appeal, stand up straight, show you chest and try perform perfect.
Just do not let looks not impression, because one's overal look will determine the assessment of other people,
make a first impression so tempting then next is up to you.

BE ASSERTIVE, from now on try to change the attitude, be a person who knows when to say no and when to say yes.
Try it once for not too much to think about other people will comment about you. And do not be afraid or hesitate to make changes.

OBJECTIVE ASSESS YOURSELF. No body's perfect, no one else in this world is perfect, and not there is also people in this world
who really is not useful. Therefore be honest judge yourself, do not always think you incapable and other people are always superior.
All the same even have different skills, so why not self esteem....??? No helpfull.

THROW AWAY FEEL FEAR. Usually people are not confident is always difficult to telling who she is on other people. An easy way to dare
confront another people is our speaker eye contact, but do not look him Another looked at by looking, if you look usually attention
your opponent look talk, how they spoke, how the expression on his face. It is fine like that just do not overdoing.

LITTLE TALK STRING ATTACHED. Try to be strings attached, but do not get stale real because it will be boring. Not all is bad
string attached anyway, to improve self-esteem may also try it later.

A STRAIGHTFORWARD SPEAK. of the characteristics people the less confident is not to talk straightly, always talk not to do point.
And usually too say much, bla bla bla bla, so-and the similar, for example. "I will eeeee, more make a joke.