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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Causes of Less of Self Confidence

Many people who do not feel confident, so that them treat themselves badly, felt useless and worthless. Confidence is vital so that we can live with more positive and able to respond to challenges in life with more realistic. People who believe themselves great potentially for success and success in personal life and his career.
Therefore, it is very important for us to know what causes less of Self confidence so that we can handle. The cause of this less of confidence can be found by tracing back the historical of man.

Less the confidence that is a result of badly events in childhood that has made someone being not care. The end result of this less of confidence usually impact to self-punish, which would take off her confidence, and ability to think rationally.
Less of self confidence, make someone not to think about they life and usually behave negative. Self-confidence influence someone emotions and has the potential for serious impact. People who are not strong enough to confront this less of confidence, can do something that will destroy his own life.
Less of confidence is responsible for the causes of extreme emotions that can lead to severe depression, suicide attempts, and physical and mental illness, pregnancy at a young age or even violence against children.
Less of confidence is also responsible for youth violence that causes physical and mental damage fatal.
General Causes of Less of Confidence :
Less of confidence caused by factors that depend on the background and status of a person, environment, age, relationship with the outside life, and others.
To be able to successfully overcome this problem, first of all a person must first make sure the cause of a less of confidence. And the best way to deal with this problem is to look at and evaluate the mistakes that have been done in the past.

  • Not Attention.children who grow up without getting love and affection that is going to feel be ignored and indifferent when they are adults. They will feel difficult to trust and associate with others.
  • Excessive Criticism.when a child growth up constantly scolded that he is naughty, it will make it a depression and lost of confidence. Incidents like this will cause her to feel worthless, make it a pessimist, and reluctant to do something positive.
  • The influence of parents and family. Parent usually to reflect their dreams unreality. They made a mistake in choosing a career that less of happiness is affecting their children.
  • Achievement.People work to achieve success in life and when they fail after working hard, they treat such failure as a bitter reality that causes the loss of confidence.
  • Physical.physical appearance of someone that is very important because it is the most affected. People who look bad will feel inferior when comparing themselves with people who look more better. This will create a sense of shame, which causes them to isolate themselves from social life.
  • Negative Experience.less of confidence sometimes caused by negative experiences. Children tend to imitate the negative things around them. Adults also sometimes like to join do certain activities that endanger self confidence.
  • Violence against children who less of confidence.People who less of confidence often been subjected to violence that causes disability Physical and mental while still a child. Physical violence is one of them is sexual crimes against children, which usually can be cured, however, violence against mentally very deep and long lasting and very difficult to be cured it may take quite a long therapy. Perpetrators of violence against children is usually a family friend, relatives, neighbors, strangers and the guardian or stepparent.
  • Unemployment.Someone who does not have a job will feel desperate and do not useless. Failure to provide needed for his family will make a person lose self-confidence

Characteristics Less of Confidence :
People who less of confidence have the following basic characteristics, which is sometimes difficult to identify:

  1. Less able to socialize and do not believe in yourself, thus ignoring the social life.
  2. Often seemed morose and depressed.
  3. Got a problem in eating habits such as anorexia that leads to obesity, which is harmful for the body.
  4. They like to think negative and fail to recognize its potential.
  5. Fear of criticism and praise with a negative response.
  6. Afraid to take responsibility.
  7. Afraid to form his own opinion.
  8. Living in a state of pessimism.

Tips for Simple to overcome the problem Less of Confidence :

  • Always avoid negative situations.
  • Try to gather only with people who are positive.
  • Use a journal to record the positive things that happen around.
  • Always try thinking positively.
  • Do not be reluctant to ask for help when you're in trouble.
  • Seek help from professionals to deal with serious problems.
  • Do not feel that we can handle all the problems we confront

Nice thing about life is that he gives us the ability to deal with a less of self, do not let feeling less confident hold up us to getting life that everyone dreams of happiness.