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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Boost confidence tips for child

Should every newborn child does not have the courage to try, of course there's nothing they can do. If our children are afraid to face failure, they certainly can not walk up to the present. Because, just to walk alone, many of the difficulties they face and not a little pain they must feel. The nose may have been more than ten times fell to the ground just because they learned to walk. Knee ... how many times to experience injury. But the kids never gave up. Children are always excited, until parents stop with reason worrying and love.

children initially do not care about the clothes they wear. What brand, they do not care. They also do not think if there is a tear in the left or the right. They still walk with confidence because they are central mind on the goal. Not busy imagining what people would say. They learn by sincere. But the parent who makes them be ashamed to go to school because the shoes are worn not as good as his friends.
The children in the UK, since childhood has been so confident to learn English. They learn with passion. His self-confidence is very strong. They do not spinning-dizzy with grammar, and not worry one say it-because generally parents accept what is an mistake saying that her children were babies. Parents even respond with enthusiasm and appreciation every time his brave attempt to speak. But when they start growing up, we many time to intervene them. For fear of her confused, they can not learn difficult. Conversely, because really want his intelligent, they tell the children study hard in a way that is not appropriate. Not as fit their learning progress. Naturally, her friends, and energetic.

Buckminster Fuller said is true. He once warned, "Every child is born a genius, but we diminish their brilliance in the first six months."
Yes, every child. Whoever he is, as far as birth in a normal mental state, they are genius-a genius of God who is equipped with high confidence, enthusiasm, enthusiastic, and always learning. In the early ages of life to tread the sixth year, they learn to Glenn Doman-to borrow a phrase-"without effort". I do not entirely agree with the expression of Glenn Doman, but I use this expression to show how our children are blessed with extraordinary imagination of every thing that we taught them. Deliberately or not.

Stimulation of the rich and right at this age not only make them more intelligent. More than that their own potential to grow. One of the potential that is IQ. This is different from adults. Effort in learning will make us smarter, but we will not increase IQ. The development of IQ has been completed at the age of 12 years, with details of 90% growth achieved IQ at age 6 years and 10% were resolved between the ages of 6-12 years. So really, the right stimulation at early ages would be very great significance.

How many husbands the title of the father just because his wife gave birth. As many women are called mothers just because it was he who gave birth. Not because they are preparing themselves to be parents. Not because they have the decency as a parent. And I do not know, do I also deserve to be called parents or just people who are older than their children.

Today many parents and teachers are anxious how to boost self confidence his child  in the school environment and social environment in order so that they can easily socialize and achievement
but because more intervention from parents who felt more widely know, eventually the desired destination is not in accordance with the facts,
So, rather than one containing mother when the children finally have a sense of confidence that responsibility. Just a little different with his friend, was enough to make them keep silence in the room. Did not dare mingle with the friends. Moreover, a good source of influence for his friends.

Though they were born for times that are not ours; times that require greater mental strength. era who need people with high self-confident, intelligent minds, hearts and clear his soul alive. These are ready to welcome the modern age in the era of the millennium.

So, what can we do to raise their confidence? If the word when told they are wearing beautiful clothes that can actually cause them to lose self-confidence that is strong, then strengthen as well with religious values ​​that aim as a weak spiritual reinforcement.

Really, I'm dreaming. I really really covet for advice and teachings of spiritual education is taught to children since pre-school age. In elementary schools, kindergartens and play-group, children need to learn. Not to be a mere recitation, but to become a force in his soul.

because children with a sound mind and body this is better than later generations of parents like us. In time, let us be just a historical record that we ever existed. Our task now is to prepare a new generation of human beings to become more responsible and more improve they self confident.