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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Self Confidence VS Self Sacrifice

An old friend who used to shy and not confident, suddenly turned into a person who is very confident and daring to speak in front of crowds. Apparently the leadership training that followed have changed it from someone who has a confident personality does not become a person who dared to lead and speak in front of crowds. He was change with improve self confidence, but I found out he also has change

into an arrogant. Such changes like this are not changes in the character generated by the work of the God. Real changes output by the work of the Holy Spirit will surely make our character more like God.
The way human beings and how God in transforming one's life is very different. How men change someone's personality is to try to improve they confidence, but God's way instead to the self-confidence by making it to not arrogant, so that we learn to depend on Him. The world says "You certainly can, positif thinking" but God says "You can not rely on your strength, serve and depend on Me." tangible evidence of the work of the true God in a person is changing the character of the more humble and depend on God.
Most people today just want to live a comfortable life, blessed in terms of materials and health, while waiting to die to get into heaven.
I believe now is the time for God to change His people so that they turn into a similar character of God. I believe this time the Holy Spirit is working to bring us back to the real truth. Religious is the only hope for the nation in the world can be recovered from any disaster. My prayer hopefully a true revival will come to visit us all so we turned into believers who fully serve and depend on God!